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This is widely held to be the most exclusive location on the Venetian Coast!

Protected by the lighthouse close by, this is widely held to be the most exclusive location on the Venetian Coast, with its golden, ultrafine sand, gradually leading down to a shallow sea, which – for this very reason – is particularly suitable for little ones and for less proficient swimmers.

This beach is strategically placed with a panoramic view of the entire coastline.

On clearer days it is even possible to see the landscapes, often hidden from view, beyond the Venice Lido. It is well worth having a holiday in Cavallino-Treporti, if only for the beauty of the sunsets alone, which cannot fail to amaze and delight! 

A small part of the private beach is fitted out with beach umbrellas and sun beds, while the remainder is available for guests who prefer to use their own beach furniture. 
It is also possible to hire pedal boats.

To make your time on the beach more relaxing and leisurely, the following services are guaranteed:

Sun Bed and Beach Umbrella Hire

Guests wishing to relax and bask in the sun can make use of the hire service available daily in the equipped area of the beach. Why not rent our comfortable, brightly coloured – and very well-spaced – sun beds with their protective sun umbrellas to make your day on the beach cool and relaxing.

Pedal Boat Hire

To escape from the sultry heat and rock gently on the waves, guests can hire pedal boats, some of which are also equipped with a chute, for fun-filled moments of diving in the sea. This is the ideal solution for those who prefer a leisurely “jaunt” in the sea and the possibility to swim in deeper waters. 
Our lifeguard is at your disposal to rent you the boat of your choice on days when the sea is calm.


With ambient temperature water.

Daily cleaning of the beach

With special mechanical machinery.

Safety at sea

A lifeguard lookout post, manned each day by a team of two lifeguards equipped with personal water craft and all the equipment necessary to guarantee an assistance and rescue service that is absolutely up to standard in every situation.